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Hendersons - Barristers' Chambers

LGBTQIA+ Commitments

Henderson Chambers is proud to support its LGBTQIA+ community and to make the following commitments.

So far as we are able, we aim to maintain these commitments while working overseas.

  • We are an LGBTQIA+ inclusive and welcoming chambers. We welcome all people, regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. We are proud to have LGBTQIA+ people in chambers, as both members and staff, and to work with all our LGBTQIA+ clients.
  • We will always challenge LGBTQIA+ phobic language or behaviour in Henderson Chambers’ activities, whomsoever this is from or directed at.
  • We will ensure that our current recruitment, marketing and information materials are LGBTQIA+ inclusive. This will include using the chosen pronouns of any individuals mentioned in those materials, while using gender-neutral language in general .
  • We will ensure that our internal policies and governing rules and procedures use gender-neutral language, do not discriminate on LGBTQIA+ grounds and are explicitly inclusive of those who identify as LGBTQIA+.
  • We will be supportive of any staff, members, pupils, mini-pupils, and guests who may be transitioning, and will listen to what they need from us.
  • We acknowledge that not all members of the LGBTQIA+ community have similar experiences or face the same types or level of discrimination and we will always treat each person as an individual and listen to their particular experience. We recognise that some individuals may wish to be open about their sexual orientation and/or gender identity within chambers but less so in client-facing context. Chambers will take our lead from the individual but wishes to make clear that we will offer support and advocacy for staff and barristers who wish to be open about their sexual orientation and/or gender identity across the board.
  • Our own toilets and other facilities are unisex/gender-neutral. The availability of unisex/gender-neutral options will be considered when booking venues for Chambers’ activities otherwise than at chambers.
  • Our IT and other systems allow for non-binary pronouns, and we respect everyone’s choice of their own pronouns.
  • In our recruitment and selection processes we welcome LGBTQIA+ applicants and take steps to reduce the risk of bias and discrimination against LGBTQIA+ candidates. All Recruitment Committee members and anyone else involved in recruitment in chambers undertakes Fair Recruitment and Selection training; many have also undertaken further training in Equality and Diversity and/or Unconscious Bias. We will not use recruitment agencies who do not share our values.
  • We have an equal opportunities officer to go to with any concerns. These commitments are supplemental to our Equal Opportunities Policy.

We are proud of these commitments. We will check and monitor our compliance on a yearly basis.

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