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Hendersons - Barristers' Chambers


Established Practitioners

Henderson Chambers is seeking to recruit established practitioners in its main areas of practice. Applications are particularly encouraged from practitioners of between five and twelve years’ call.  Recruitment announcement published in Counsel Magazine (October 2018). 
Enquiries will be in strictest confidence.


Henderson Chambers has a website dedicated to Pupillage. Please visit our site at

Third Six Recruitment 2019. Henderson Chambers is inviting applications for a Third Six to start in Autumn 2019. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis but should reach us by 12th July 2019. Full details on our pupillage website here.

Chambers Student Guide:

“Henderson should draw your eye for its fascinating group action work and rigorous assessment and training of its pupils. It certainly gets top marks from us.”

“Stuffed full of bright, charming and diligent barristers and interesting work, Henderson offers pupils great advocacy opportunities and quality feedback on their work – we can’t recommend it highly enough.”

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