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Parental Leave & Wellbeing

Parental Leave

Having undertaken a comprehensive review of our parental leave policy (in 2018) Chambers is proud to have introduced an updated policy in line with the Bar Council’s recommendations on shared parental leave. Our aim as a Chambers was to introduce a forward-thinking and generous policy that would help facilitate the return to practice of our Members after the birth or adoption of a child. Our new policy recognises the challenges faced by barristers during this period and provides important financial and practical support in order to try to assist parental carers when returning to work after a period of parental leave and encourage the retention of such Members to practice at the Bar. The parental leave policy may be found here.

Henderson Chambers operates under its Equality & Diversity policy in accordance with the Bar Standards Board’s Equality & Diversity Code.


Friendship and mutual support are at the heart of Henderson Chambers’ ethos. Members value above all the camaraderie that has existed for many years. It is with these factors in mind that Chambers has developed several formal and informal policies and schemes with the specific aim of supporting staff, pupils and members through any difficulties that they may face in their professional life. In recent years, Chambers has focussed on what it can do to preserve and enhance the supportive environment which is so valued. This has led to many discussions about the importance of wellbeing and to the formal polices, practices and schemes that are currently in place.

Henderson Chambers are delighted to have been one of the first chambers to be awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Bar Council in November 2017, for the work of chambers to promote wellbeing across the Bar.

The Henderson Chambers case study is published here on the Wellbeing at the Bar website.

‘Henderson Chambers deserves recognition for its focus on pupil and new tenant wellbeing (including financial support and investing in mentoring) and its general approach to members’ wellbeing, including the provision of counselling and flexible work arrangements /return to work support. We particularly like its ethos – that members look out for each other’.

Henderson Chambers is pleased to be a supporter of Carney’s Community, an initiative working with disadvantaged and disengaged young people to support them to be the best they can be.

We are proud to be a supporter of the Charter for Black Talent.

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