International Mass Claims

Members of Henderson Chambers have been instructed in many of the leading group actions in the English courts and have been at the forefront of the development of the law and practice in relation to group litigation orders and group actions.

Members of Chambers are regularly instructed in international mass claims and group actions brought against companies in this jurisdiction.

Notable recent cases include:

  • The OCENSA Pipeline Litigation: a group action against a major oil company arising from the construction of anoil pipeline in Columbia
  • The Bodo Litigation: acting for Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria in group action arising out of oil activities in the Niger Delta
  • Kesabo & Others v African Barrick Gold PLC [2013] EWHC 3198:acting for major mining company in proceedings arising out of the North Mara gold mine incident in Tanzania
  • Guerrero & 30 ors v Monterrico Metals Plc: claim brought under Peruvian law in relation to mining activity of subsidiary of an English parent-company
  • Motto and others v Trafigura:acting for defendant in group action arising from alleged environmental damage in the Ivory Coast


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