Group Actions

Over the past 20 years members of Henderson Chambers have been instructed in most of the leading group actions issued in the English courts.  Henderson Chambers has been at the forefront of the development of the law and practice in relation to group litigation orders and group actions.

The group actions that members of Chambers have acted in cover a wide range of different types of claim, including: product liability claims; environmental and pollutions claims; group actions arising out of large accidents and disasters; group actions brought by foreign nationals against UK registered companies; group actions brought by consumers and under the Consumer Credit Act; group actions in respect of industrial disease litigation; group actions in respect of historic physical, sexual and financial abuse and group actions arising out of the mis-selling of financial and other products.  Members of Chambers have become expert in advising in relation to the obtaining of group litigation orders, the structure and management of group actions, and in relation to the funding of group actions.

The group actions in which members of Chambers have acted include, amongst others: the Opren litigation, Benzodiazepines, Lariam, Pertussis, Tobacco, Organophosphates, Norplant, MMR/MR vaccine, Sabril, Seroxat, Foetal anti-convulsants, hip replacement prostheses, blood products, the group action in relation to the mis-selling of timeshare claims, the PIP breast implant litigation, the Trafigura litigation, the OCENSA pipeline group litigation, the Atomic Veterans litigation, the Miners’ Knee Group litigation, the British Coal Respiratory Disease litigation and the Cornwall Partnership Trust Group litigation.

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