EU and UK Competition Law

Our group of specialists is able to advise and litigate across the whole range of EU law and EU and UK competition law. This notably includes: cartels, the abuse of dominant positions and the law on State aid; product liability, unfair commercial practices and other aspects of EU internal market regulation; the free movement of goods, especially its interface with intellectual property rights; the free movement of persons and social security; protection of the environment; employment law; justice and home affairs, especially the application of the Schengen Protocol, the European Arrest Warrant and the Brussels I Regulation; the protection of fundamental rights in the EU; and all aspects of the EU’s external relations, especially anti-dumping and the new rules on foreign direct investment.

Recent experience extends from matters such as the alleged abuse of a dominant position on the market for the provision of certain airport services, the use of an intellectual property right to oppose parallel imports and the choice between characterising an operation as procurement, State aid or compensation for the provision of a service of general economic  interest, to the legal ramifications of the Euro Zone crisis and the challenge that was brought to the validity of the Treaty establishing the European Security Mechanism (or “Bail-out Fund),  to arms embargoes and the respective asset-freezing powers of the EU and Members States in combating terrorism.

The leading position of Henderson Chambers in practice areas such as product liability, public procurement, employment law and banking law is reinforced by this expertise in the  EU law that underlie the UK’s domestic legislation.

One of the members of our group, Professor Sir Alan Dashwood QC, is a recognised international authority on EU law and the co-author of a leading textbook in the field, Wyatt and Dashwood’s European Union Law, the sixth edition of which was published in the summer of 2011.

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