Bernard now principally practises family law and related fields. He has extensive experience of advisory and advocacy work in public and private law children cases on behalf of parents, children and local authorities. He frequently advises and appears in matrimonial finance cases. He also practises in the related fields of property disputes between family members, Inheritance Act claims, probate and professional negligence.


One of chambers’ more senior practitioners, Bernard O’Sullivan now specialises in family law in all its aspects. His principal areas of practice are the law relating to children, financial and property litigation arising from divorce and the breakdown of personal relationships, and family issues arising on death including Inheritance Act claims and probate issues. He also advises on a wide range of common law issues, primarily in the context of family litigation.

Representative Cases

  • Pensions on divorce (2014) Advising in a series of professional negligence cases ion the issue of whether pensions had been inadequately considered or overlooked in settling financial order applications on divorce
  • P v P (2013) Mother’s application for residence order less than one year after residence order to father
  • W v M (2013) Liability of occupying co-owner to equitable accounting where non-occupying co-owner not excluded but not resident
  • A v A (2013) Wife’s application for financial order on divorce where husband’s prosperity entirely derived from and dependent on his father’s business
  • Q v R (2013) Private law children dispute where child had disclosed possible sexual abuse by father involving expert assessment of disclosure interviews
  • Re K (2013) Advising husband on probate and Inheritance Act remedies where his recently deceased wife left all her property to her relatives other than the husband and the children
  • L/A v C (2013) Parents resisting initial application for urgent interim care order. After almost a year of litigation one year supervision order by consent
  • A v I (2013) Wife’s application for financial order 15 years after she left husband in the former matrimonial home.  Martin order with wife to receive whole of former matrimonial home on husband’s death
  • P v P (2012) Enforcement of arrears of periodical payments. Issue whether husband employee or self-employed
  • C v C (2012) Wife’s application for financial order on divorce where the parties had separated many years earlier but had had complicated business transactions together before and after separation and extensive separate business transactions after separation.  Son intervening because of his involvement in transactions before and after separation.  Settled in mediation
  • A v I (2011) Determining trusts arising on the intervention by husband’s sisters in financial order proceedings raising issues under the doctrines of constructive trust and donatio mortis causa
  • Stallion v Albert Stallion Holdings (Great Britain) Ltd and another [2010] 1 FCR 145 Proprietary estoppel – relief
  • A v C (2010) Solicitors negligence in settling a claim for a financial order without reference to the fact that the husband’s assets consisted principally of a personal injuries damages award
  • W v W (2009) Issues arising under a Gibraltarian agreement to engage in mediation
  • BFO SA v W (2009) Interpleader in the administration of an estate
  • R v B (2009) Setting aside registration in QBD of Guernsey judgment
  • H v H (2008) Application under s.37 of the MCA 1873 to set aside a husband’s disposition of property made before the marriage
  • Re CSCI report (2007)  Judicial review of a statutory inspection report
  • Richardson v Howie (2004) Times, 10 September (CA) Aggravated damages – assault
  • Sadrolashrafi v Marvel International Food Logistics Ltd [2004] BPIR 834 Bankruptcy – appeal on question of fact
  • Hobhouse v Hobhouse [1999] 1 FLT 96 (CA) Ancillary relief – breadth of judicial discretion
  • Re M (Abduction: acquiescence) [1996] 1 FLR 315  Hague Convention considerations
  • Elliott v Wheeldon Times Law Reports 12th March 1992 (CA) Company – joint venture – duty of good faith
  • Clark v Clark (No.2) [1991] 1 FLR 179  Solicitor – duty of care to Law Society – common law liability for costs
  • R & B Customs Brokers Co Ltd v United Dominions Trust Ltd [1988] 1 WLR 321  Sale of goods – implied term – fitness for purpose



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